County Engineers's Office - Jefferson County Board of Supervisors

County Engineers's Office

County Engineers's Office for Jefferson County, Iowa

County Engineers's Office

Duties: The engineer's office oversees county roads and bridges.

Location: 901 N. Eighth St, Fairfield

Telephone: 641-472-6528
Fax: 641-469-3398

Engineer (appointed by the Board of Supervisors):
Scott Cline P.E.

Current and future Road Construction and Projects

     Five year Program beginning 2008, opens a PDF file.


Road Department Duties & Responsibilities:

Jefferson County is responsible for the safety and quality of roads and bridges under the County's jurisdiction, which consists of a total of 756 miles of county roads and 150 county bridges.

Responsible for design and construction on road and bridge projects within the county.

Responsible for the supervision of maintenance and construction on all secondary roads in the county.

Responsible for issuing permits pertaining to roadway and right of way use.

Responsible for the installation of traffic signs, maintaining road surfaces, ditch drainage, vegetation control and winter snow and ice removal.

Old road grader on display in front of the Engineer's Office

Old road grader


Jefferson County Subdivision Determination Application:.
   View this document as a PDF file (requires Adobe Reader), which you may print.


or click here to go to the Code of Ordinances webpage on this website.


Jefferson County Permits: View these documents as a PDF file (requires Adobe Reader):

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Dust Control Permit Application.

Entrance Permit Application (Page 1)
   (entrance to a County Road.)
Entrance Permit Application (Page 2)
   (Summary of the Ordinance).

Application for use of County road Right of Way for Utilities Accommodation.

Oversize/Overweight Permit (for a Single or Round Trip).

Oversize Permit (Annual).

Oversize/Overweight (Annual).

Iowa General Provisions for Oversize Load Permit.



Iowa Department of Transportation -

Iowa DOT Travel Info (Winter road conditions after Nov 15)-

Iowa Road Construction Update -

County, City and State Maps Online -


News from the Jefferson County Road Department:

Feb 11, 2008...County Road Department Targets Hard Surfaces First
Story by Emily Humble, News Director KMCD

This winter city, county and state road crews have been working overtime to keep up with the weather. With last week's winter storm, the Jefferson County Board of Supervisors heard several concerns regarding snow removal, which County Engineer Tom Goff cleared up at this morning's supervisor meeting.

The county's road department has over 600-miles of roads to clear when winter weather hits. Goff says the county's snow removal ordinance has them removing snow from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. when it's needed.

"We plow paved roads first to open them for two-way traffic. Then we work on gravel roads to open for one-way traffic," Goff says. "With that many miles to cover, it can sometimes take a while when you're only going 10-15 miles-per-hour."

Goff says when there's a light snow it may take the county road crews two days, however if it's a heavy, wet snow, like last week, it may take four days or so.

"Last week once we got the paved routes down we sent those guys to work on the gravel, but it's a matter of days before we get it all covered," Goff adds.


Nov 27, 2007...Packwood Road Receives Smoothness Award
Story by Emily Humble, News Director KMCD

A Jefferson County road is one of the smoothest in the state. The award, presented by the Asphalt Paving Association presents, recognizes 120th St., also known as Packwood Road, as the best secondary road in Iowa when it comes to smoothness.

"We have the best quality road that was built this year when it comes to smoothness," says Brian Messer, Assistant County Engineer. "This will help when it comes to the life expectancy of the road." Messer says there are several criteria that roads have to meet in order to determine smoothness, and the contractor, Norris Asphalt & Paving, of Ottumwa was given a smoothness incentive.

"It was offered to the contractors because there are federal funds in the project, along with state and county funds," Messer says. "The smoothness incentive says if a contractor meets the smoothness specification designated for the project, they would get 97-98-percent of the funds they were entitled to." Norris Asphalt & Paving also received the award for having the best contractor and crew on the project.

Messer will be in Des Moines later this week to receive the award on behalf of the county from the Asphalt Paving Association. 120th St. is currently closed until the end of January, while construction crews replace a bridge.


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