Louden Stanchions in the Show Barn
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This sign is in the Show Barn.
Louden sign in the Show Barn.

These Louden stanchions were found in an old barn about to be torn down. (10-08-11).
Louden Stanchions

The metal stanchions could move with the cow, so were more comfortable for them. (10-08-11).
Louden Stanchions

This photo of Louden stanchions is from a Louden catalogue page.

The photo below of Louden stanchions is from the Slayton round
barn website, copyright 2002 Hardin County Historic Preservation Commission.

Louden Stanchions

More information about the Slayton round barn can be found on
the Iowa Falls, Iowa website, and exterior photos are on the
Iowa Round Barns website.